2018 Animal Masquerade

Hello, hello fairies and sparrow men! From now on, I'll be arranging the sections of my normal blog posts into different columns (sort of like the pixie postings but exclusively for events).

This week and for the rest of October, we'll be celebrating one of my favorite Pixie Hollow events; the Animal Masquerade!

Nostalgia Corner

The Animal Masquerade was the first ever Pixie Hollow event that became a tradition, and it began in October 2008. It introduced the new meadow; Acorn Summit. It was a hidden meadow during the event, but there were instructions on how to find it in the Never News. This event also introduced Summit Style which had animal masks. Acorn Summit was decorated with animal decor, and you can collect a pair of Raspberry Red chipmunk ears. You'd even earn a badge for wearing any mask or ears during the event.

2009 was similar to 2008, only instead of red chipmunk ears, they were Soft Orange. Animal costumes were sold in addition to masks. The masks were both…

2018 Berry Harvest Festival

Fly with you y'all! How are you all doing? I'm so excited that it's fall! And do you know what that means? It's harvest time!

The Berry Harvest Festival was only held in 2008 and it was actually Pixie Hollow's first ever event. This festival is an autumn tradition all about gathering berries used to make dyes and feed the animals. Hopefully Dulcie will use it to make delicious treats! You'd even earn a badge for gathering ten raspberries or blueberries. You'd even get a pair of free shoes if you log on.

A fun activity for this festival is to dress your fairy in berry colored clothing. Another fun idea is to play Harvest Hustle on FairyABC (there are berries in that game).

Fall is also about harvesting things other than berries like apples and pumpkins (all for delicious fall treats!) I especially love apple pie and pumpkin muffins. Hopefully Pixie Hollow's berry treats will be ready for the Fairy Feast!

Now, before I sign off, here's a fall badge. …

Purple Moon Festival 2018

It's time; time for the Purple Moon Festival! If you don't know what this is, it's an event I created based on an actual Pixie Hollow event that was mentioned back in 2013.

The purple moon rises every year, usually in the summer or fall. This special celebration varies depending on the area celebrated though. During this festival, a red moon rises. Then an orange moon, than yellow, than green, than teal, than blue, than it turns purple in midnight.

This celebration represents friendship. The purple moon actually represents the equivalent of homecoming in many magic schools. Dances are usually held in and out of these schools and many wear purple for these outfits.

A fun idea for this week is to write a story about the Purple Moon.

I'd imagine that this badge would be earned from completing the quest:

Autumn Equinox 2018

Fly with you fairies! Saturday was the Autumn Equinox which is basically when the day and night are each twelve hours. This day made me so excited because autumn is my favorite season. Not only is this season really beautiful, it's a very exciting time of year. There are really fun holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Not to mention that we're closer to Christmas!

And as I always do in my blog post, I'll recap how Pixie Hollow has celebrated the beginning of autumn over the years.

2009-There wasn't really that much. There were cakes in the pumpkin patch to congratulate everyone on a good job for changing the leaves for like, two days. But the cakes were really, really cute.

2010-The equinox this year overlapped with the Welcome Home Party (an event celebrating the new Great Fairy Rescue movie).

2011-The ballroom was beautifully decorated and there were banners in each of the autumn meadows

2012-The autumn equinox was actually a big event this year. Not only were t…

A Special Post!!!!!!!!!

Hey y'all! I hope you've been working hard changing the autumn leaves! While we continue our autumn preparations, I have a very special announcement....

This year, we are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Pixie Hollow online world!


I know right! Pixie Hollow beta opened in September 20 2008. The 10th anniversary of the first ever Never News post will actually be tomorrow, the 18th. Pixie Hollow officially opened in October 22nd 2008. On the FairyABC forum every Tuesday, I'll post a new anniversary memory thread with a fun activity.

So, because this blog is all about nostalgia and stuff, I'm going to tell you how Pixie Hollow celebrated it's anniversary in the past.

In 2010 for the second anniversary (it seems like it was such a short time ago!!!!), members were given a free party hat. The Never Council also made a surprise visit in Havendish Square on October 22nd.

In 2012 for the fourth anniversary, party hats were sold in the Pixi…

2018 Changing of the Leaves

I know, we're all upset that summer is over, but on the bright side, it's time for autumn! With the new season drawing near, it's time to get serious about preparing. And that requires the help of ALL talents.

The Changing of the Leaves is an event held every year to get serious of painting the green leaves orange, yellow and red.

In the original Pixie Hollow, leaf painting stations were set in all four autumn meadows. The first station was Acorn Summit, where we get to use berries to make the paint using Tink's paint making contraption. Next was Cottonpuff Field, where we used Tink's invention to paint the leaves. Fun fact: In 2009, this invention was covered before being revealed. Third was the leaf drying station in Maple Tree Hill and fourth was the Leaf Loading Zone in the Pumpkin Patch.

Every year, you could expect quests. Here's what they were:

2009-This year actually had a two part quest from Tink. The first quest was about setting up the stations while…

End of Summer Sparkler 2018

Summer may be almost over, but we're still celebrating with one final summer event; the End of Summer Sparkler. As a light talent, celebrating with beautiful lanterns is such a wonderful way to celebrate the end of summer before it's time to start getting into autumn.

The End of Summer sparkler started in 2009 with beautiful lanterns in Acorn Summit and Springtime Orchard. Why these two meadows? These were the areas where the light talent games were located at the time. Sure, Fairy Fireworks is a minister game, but I'd consider it a light talent game too.

In 2009 and 2010, there was a special Iridessa quest for the sparkler. It was an event preparation quest in 2009. Here were the rewards:
2009-Buttercup Yellow Fairy Light Catcher
2010-Lavender Purple Blaze Plush

And here's how to earn the Sparkler badge every year:
2009-Play Fairy Fireworks
2011-Play Gem Juggle
2012-Throw a Neverlight party

The End of Summer Sparkler was Pixie Hollow's last event before it closed…