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Camp Pixie Dust Week #12-Fashion Week

I can't believe Camp Pixie Dust is almost over! Don't worry, there will be other events afterwards. This week will be all about one of the best things about Pixie Hollow; fashion! Oh, sorry I haven't posted yesterday (I usually post on Monday). Things have been distracting with family events and my teeth, but I'll try as hard as I can to post on Mondays.

Any way, here are some of Snow's outfits.

And here's a badge for collecting to fly for looks!

What's your favorite camp memory this year? Mine was exploring new places.

Camp Pixie Dust #11-Wilderness Explorer Week + Pixie School Supply idea

I can't believe this summer is almost over! I'm already preparing for back to school! I forgot to post this last week, so here's a galaxy locker wallpaper craft in case you have a locker.

Black posterboardScissorsBlue, white, fuchsia and purple paintSponge applicator and paint brushMagnetic stickers (or magnets) Steps:

Cut the posterboard to fit your locker Use the sponge to paint clouds of the paint. Just have fun with that, layer the colors and wait until they dry between each colorThe final layer will be tiny ribbons of white paint smeared on the backgroundUse the paintbrush to paint stars. I painted constellations. Attach the magnetic stickers to the back of the wallpaper. Or, you can use magnets to hang it on your locker  I was going to post school supply tips next week, but I'll post them now because some of you already started school. I added pictures of items inspired by the Tinkerbell DS game to my supplies (flowers, shells, feathers, etc). Because I&#…

Camp Pixie Dust Week #10-Stargazing Week

Wow! This summer flew by very quickly! But camp is not over yet as there are still four new summer posts including this one-Stargazing week!

As a light talent, I love stars and looking at the constellations. This week's summer activity is to identify the different constellations. You can even use a stargazing app or if old fashioned, a book to help you. You can either stargaze outside (if you live in a busy area, do your stargazing in a quieter place) or with a telescope!

And of course, the badge!

Summer Splash Party 2017

Here's last week's badge. You can earn all of those badges throughout the whole summer, so it's not too late to go on a little adventure.

Now, it's time for the Summer Splash Party!

Have some fun in the sun. The best splash party meadows are the ballroom pool, Palm Tree Cove, Sunflower Gully and the Waterlily Pool.

Here are some beach and pool party outfits:

And of course, the badge!