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2018 Fairy Feast

I'm literally listening to Cooking by the Book while writing this.

Any way, while we're all busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner (if you live in the US), try to take time to read this Snowflake's Pixie Hollow Events issue.

Nostalgia Corner

The Pixie Hollow version of Thanksgiving began back in late November 2008. Back then, it was called the Autumn Jubilee. In 2008, players could donate ingredients and earn badges for that. Fairies were encouraged to play Harvest Hustle and donate ingredients to fill the cornucopia in the Pumpkin Patch. Throughout the event, the cornucopia would fill up more and more. There was a badge for donating ingredients and an honors badge for the top Harvest Hustle scorers.

The event was renamed the Fairy Feast in 2009. There would be a Fawn quest about filling the cornucopia and the cornucopia would also fill up. Acorn Summit would also be decorated (and it was AMAZING).

2010's feast received a major upgrade.  The Fawn quest would be before the e…

2018 Autumn Revelry

Seasonal Scoop

Last year, the blue moon rose over Pixie Hollow. You may be wondering why there's going to be a revelry when there's no blue moon this year. Well, there is a revelry every year at the end of autumn, it's just that they don't all have the blue moon. The revelry is a time to celebrate the end of autumn in a carnival-like event. What do you think the revelry should have?

Pixie Craft

November is a time to be thankful. This is a craft I found out about on Youtube. It's a Thankful Tree. Here's what you need:
Something to plant your tree in (it can be a can, cup or a jar)Tissue paper (optional)Foam cylinderAbout four long branchesConstruction paperScissorsDouble sided tape And here's how to make the tree:

If you feel like your jar or cup thingy is too plain like I did, decorate it. I decorated mine by using Mod Podge to wrap orange tissue paper around it. Put the foam cylinder in the cup thingy (if your foam doesn't fit, you can shrink it with a sh…