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Happy New Year 2018!

I can't believe it's almost 2018! Time flies by so fast! 2017 was a great year from starting my blog to making videos to doing tons of amazing things on the mainland. There wasn't really a new year's event in Pixie Hollow, but there should be because in my opinion, seeing holiday decorations after Christmas feels like Pixie Hollow is hungover by all the holiday festivities. When Christmas is over, I'm done with that and ready for the new year (but this year is different because I still haven't given one friend her gift yet).

So, here are a few fun things to do during the last week of the year:

Check your yearly horoscopeMake a slideshow of all the fun moments from the year (I've actually been working on one for the entire year). You can watch it on New Year's Eve. I record all my dreams in a dream journal so I read the dreams from the year and record my favoritesRecap the year and see how it compares to others One thing I like to make is a calendar. Her…

2017 Winter Wonderland Party!

The time is here; winter officially hits the mainland on December 21st! Every year in Pixie Hollow to celebrate, there's the Winter Wonderland party. The first one was back in December 2008, and the tradition continued every year since. Starting in 2010, the ice palace (AKA Winterhall) opens during the event, and you'll need to complete a quest and earn a key badge in order to enter. The ice palace was filled with ice sculpture presents for your home as well as a piano. You could also throw snowballs in the ballroom.

In 2009, there were 12 short famous fairy quests which each involve one task. At the end of each quest, you'd earn an ornament based on a certain line of the 12 Days of Christmas song. There was even a tree with those ornaments in Cottonpuff Field.

So, here are some wintery outfits that were from the original Hollow! The pictures were from last year and this year.

 Summit Style Gale's Outfitters and Summit Style
 Summit Style  Summit Style  Summit Style  S…

2017 Great Winter Light Up

It's that time of year again; time to light up the Winter Woods! And that of course means decorating!
Here are some decoration ideas.

This is my personal favorite; it's a winter picture frame. It's very easy to make; you just frame a wintry picture. I decided to decorate the frame with paint, glitter and stickers. I chose the decorated Snowcap Glade because the Winter Wonderland Party honestly had some of the prettiest decorations and Snowcap Glade is my favorite winter meadow.

Countdown Board
This is also very easy. I put wintry scrapbooking paper in a frame and used a dry erase marker to count down until Christmas.

Snowflake Strings
For this craft, you'll be making the paper snowflakes you made in elementary school. I made them out of computer paper and pretty scrapbooking paper. Thread them through a string and tape them into place. You can also make similar strings using ornaments (made of templates and scrapbooking paper).

Just add anything which reminds you of…