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2018 Animal Mother's Day

Because actual Mother's Day is at the end of this week, I thought this week is perfect for celebrating the animal mothers. It's a lot of work to raise a baby critter, which is why the animal talents decided to hold a celebration for them full of parties since 2010. Starting in 2011, they decided to start giving the animal mothers a day off, which means we got to take care of the baby animals! There was bunny washing, chipmunk feeding, owl lullabies and starting in 2012, playtime with a baby never kitten!

Animal Mother's Day is also a celebration of springtime, which is why much of the beautiful event decorations are flowers.

In order to celebrate this event, make a card or gift for your own mother (animal themed preferably) and dress up in animal inspired outfits. this thread has some information.

There are also tons of other animal accessories in the shops including cat ears and an otter hat in Gale's Outfitters. This is an outfit I created last year.

And of course, t…

2018 Pink Moon

The pink moon is an event I created a long time ago, because if there's a blue moon then there should be a pink moon, right?

Technically, the pink moon is the full moon in April (it's this Sunday) and symbolizes buds. In Pixie Hollow, the pink moon is a celebration of spring. Pink pixie dust is produced but not as much as the blue moon. Fairies used to use this pixie dust while traveling to the mainland to inspire the imaginations of children. Nowadays, it isn't used as much, but the pink moon is seen as a time of dreams and fantasies coming true.

A fun way to celebrate the pink moon is to wear pink and create a list of your favorite dreams. And of course, believe that your dreams will come true.

Sorry this post was short, but I really like the badge.

I even set my desktop background as a pink moon!

2018 Nature Days

Because it's spring, it's time to acknowledge that we need to take good care of our environment for the sake of all forms of life. That's why Earth Day exists. The Pixie Hollow equivalent is Nature Days which is usually held at around Earth Day. There's usually Kit quests about taking care of the environment. But in 2010, there was also a Tinkerbell quest and a beach cleanup in Palm Tree Cove.

Here are some tips to play your part in taking care of the environment:
 See if you can participate in a beach cleanup, or you can simply clean the beach by yourself. Even if it's not on the beach, pick up any trash you see\Reuse trash if you can. It could save money too   If a location is close enough, walk or ride a bike. It's also a fun way to get exercise and go outside, and you're making the air cleaner at the same timePlant a seed in an empty milk or juice carton. You won't just be growing something, you'll be reusing the cartons Plant your own indoo…

2018 Mermaid Party

The Mermaid Party was my favorite Spring event. It was basically Silly Days in 2011 and 2012, but it became an official event in 2013. A tradition during this event is Mermaid Grotto. I've heard that from the 2011 quest, the reason we went in the first place is to leave joke toys (which were the interactive features in the grotto) because the mermaids played a prank in 2010. In 2013, there was a really pretty theatre.You could earn a badge for seeing a mermaid in 2012 and 2013.

I was kind of rushed while putting this post together, but here are some tips to get a mermaid look on FairyABC. There's a strawberry skirt (the long skirt you'll see me wearing) in Summit Style you can use as a tail. So, here's a mermaid outfit.

You can add any type of outfits and accessories you want to your outfit. The outfit above was all from Summit Style. And fun fact: though belly tops were removed from Pixie Hollow, there was still one (the one I'm wearing) for sale at the mermaid pa…

2018 Silly Days

It's time for one of the most popular spring events; Silly Days! Silly Days/Mermaid Party (I'll do a mermaid party post next week) is my personal favorite spring event, and it's one of the most popular as I recently did a FairyABC poll on favorite spring events, and Silly Days was the #1 result. There was also a similar spring event poll on another fansite called Pixie Hollow Forums, and Silly Days was also #1. Sweet Pea also said it was her favorite Pixie Hollow memory in her last Never News post. It started off as a very minor event, but it became more major in later years.

It began in 2009 with a box from the mainland in Palm Tree Cove which had silly glasses inside. In 2010, the mermaids played a prank. In 2011 and 2012, there was Mermaid Grotto which was packed with fun goodies. There was also a comedy theatre from 2011 to 2013 where famous fairies would perform a comedy show at the top of every hour. The host was always Tinkerbell wearing her silly Mad Hatter hat (a …