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Animal Masquerade 2017-FairyABC Activities

Are you as excited that the Animal Masquerade is here as I am? Well, you'll need a costume! Here are some old Pixie Hollow costumes that are still available.

 Chipmunk-Fairy Circle Shop
 Dragonfly-Gale's Outfitters
 Hummingbird-Gale's Outfitters
 Ladybug-Gale's Outfitters and Summit Style
Firefly-Summit Style

 Unicorn-Fairy Circle
 Bird-Summit Style
Raven-Fairy Circle
Here are more costume items: Mouse mask-Summit StyleBunny mask-Summit StyleWitch hat and broom-Gale's OutfittersCat ears-Gale's OutfittersCute animal knit hats-Gale's Outfitters  There are also several princess costumes in all the stores (but you can become a princess by wearing any dress. You can also become a mermaid by wearing the Strawberry Skirt found in Summit Style. There are several butterfly wings you can use if you want to be a butterfly. Here are some pictures of costumes I came up with last year.

 Masquerade girl  Mermaid

And here's something cute I came up with this year!

2017 Animal Masquerade Mainland Activities

This is my second Animal Masquerade post and this will be about fun Halloween things to do on the mainland.

Here's a decoration idea; use black yarn to create a spider web shape on one of your walls! Another idea that can work for any time in fall is to paint on a fake or even a real pumpkin (I wrote "fall" in cursive and added swirls, all in fall colors!)

Simple fairy costume

What you need:
Tee shirt (depends on color of your talent)Tutu and leggings, skirt or any bottom that matches your talent colorFabric paintCostume wings the color of your talentAccessories that match your talent (I'm adding a wand with my costume even though never fairies don't use wands :P) Paint your talent logo on the tee shirt!

You can add a fairy dust necklace to your costume with a tiny vial charm (I got mine at a craft store). Fill the vial with fairy dust and put the vial on a necklace cord. I've created a Pixie Dust Alchemy post this past summer with more info on fairy dust you c…

2017 Animal Masquerade-DECORATIONS!

Well, it's October! It's time for a Pixie Hollow favorite; The Animal Masquerade!

For this big event, I'll be doing THREE posts! There's this post, one post on the 16th and a third one on the 23rd. This post will be about decorations!

I'm currently decorating my room for Halloween. I've decorated for fall. I'm keeping most of my fall decorations for Halloween, but I'm replacing some fall decorations with SPOOPY decorations!!!!!! For example, I'm replacing one of my fall signs with a Halloween sign and I'm replacing one of my leaf garlands with a spoopy bat garland! I'm keeping some of my other fall signs and one of my leaf garlands though to keep the fall theme.

One of the things I'm doing is adding "potions". They're basically bottles (or mason jars) with tags on them to tell you which ingredient is in them. You can also add a sticker label. You can decorate your jars too. Last year, I added orange tissue paper on one of t…

2017 Purple Moon Festival


Well, the famous fairy pixie party outfits from 2013 were actually what they wore to the purple moon party. I decided to create an event based on that (at the same time as the FairyABC moon festival)

The purple moon rises approximately every year usually around summer and fall. This year, it'll be this week. On that night, first a red moon will rise. It'll become orange, yellow, green, blue (not as vibrant as the blue harvest moon) and finally purple. It's a celebration of friendship.

Activity: Put on your best party dress and just wear it around the hollow. Extra points if it's purple (I really need to get my purple party dress on!). Maybe you can wear it to one of the FairyABC moon festival parties.

And of course, it's a good time to celebrate your friends! Here's a badge I created for doing so. I decided to add scepters to the badge because if the blue moon gets a scepter than the purple moon should too!

But wait...there's more!
Did y…