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Camp Pixie Dust Week #7-Camp Craft Week

Last week, Zarina hosted Alchemy week. This week, Bess will host Arts and Crafts week. To celebrate this week, you can draw or do a craft while watching a movie or something. I like to make crafts to decorate my room with.

Here are some Disney Fairies crafts. I got each of them from my old Disney Fairies magazines.

Mushroom bookmark

Supplies: 3 different colors of paper, cardboard, pencil, glue, scissors, anything you'd like to use to decorate your mushroom

1. Sketch and cut out a mushroom cap on one piece of paper and cut it out. Trace the cap on another paper and draw circles on that one. Cut this one out. You should have one plain mushroom cap and another one in a different color with holes in it. Sketch and cut out a mushroom stem on the third piece of paper (preferably a natural color).

2. Glue the stem and the plain mushroom cap on a sheet of cardboard and cut it out

3. Glue the holed mushroom cap on the plain one. Lastly, glue the mushroom cap on the stem.

Flower baske…

Camp Pixie Dust Week #6-Pixie Dust Alchemy

What I loved about The Pirate Fairy (I'm planning on watching it this week actually) is how Zarina proves that pixie dust can come in different colors. So this week's activity is making pixie dust.

To start, you'll need some glitter jars. I got a pack of glitter in a bunch of colors at my local craft store.

Here's some of the pixie dust I created: (tip: when making dust, make sure you add the tiniest bit of blue dust to activate it)

Tinker talent-Green dust with small branchesForest talent-Leaf colored dust with small leavesWinter talent-White dust. It may not be winter yet, but when it comes, you can collect a tiny bit of snow and put it in.Blue pixie dust-A jar of blue dust (be careful with it; it's powerful!)Water talent-Light blue dust. You can choose to put shells, seaweed or tiny water dropletsLove pixie dust-Red dust combined with pink for friendship and a little bit of white (you can put it in a heart shaped bottle if you want)Animal talent-Orange dust with …

Camp Pixie Dust Week #5-Writing week

Last week, I created a list of dreams that would make great ideas for a book. This week, I'm using them to write stories.

Here are some writing tips:

Brainstorm a list of random ideas for a story. They can be from a dream, personal experience, or your imaginationCreate the protagonist. If it's in another world, create that. Make sure you know everything about the character and world so you can easily write about it.Decide what the character's goal is and how he/she finds it.I like to use a basic plot organizer and write how it applies to my story in each sectionMake sure all the "scenes" of your book move the story forward And here's a badge for writing a story!

Stay tuned for next week's camp activity!