Snowflake's Postings-October 2019


We're celebrating two things this month; the purple moon and the Animal Masquerade. The purple moon is celebrated in the summer or fall every year and it's a dance of friendship. For some reason, the purple moon makes us pixies friendlier. And the Animal Masquerade, as many of you know, is the Pixie Hollow equivalent of Halloween. I'll do special posts on FairyABC relating to these events for my 20 days of fall thing (where I plan on doing 20 fall themed posts).

Famous Fairy Profile

Minister of Autumn:

Favorite Color-Hawk Brown
Favorite Food-Melted Acorn Butter
Favorite Animal-All!
Favorite Flower-Tiger Lily and Honeysuckle
Favorite Hobby-Fairy Tag
Dislikes-Neat Freaks
Personality-Playful, loving and tomboyish
Favorite Badge-
Notable Book-Fawn and the Mysterious Trickster

Fashion Frenzy

Many fairies like to dress up a bit for the purple moon celebration. Look up the Disney Fairies pixie party outfits for inspiration. It can be any color you want, but a lot of fa…

Snowflake's Postings-September 2019


9/2 to 8-We're ending Sports Camp with the dazzling End of Summer Sparkler to say goodbye to warm weather. But because this event is also about training, fairies are practicing dodging moths with Firefly Light Up. Puzzle solving skills are also being worked on in Sunbeam Bend.

9/9 to 22-Every year, it's a tradition the weeks before autumn to celebrate the Changing of the Leaves. Tink has set up leaf painting stations in the autumn forest every year.

And we're also celebrating Pixie Hollow's anniversary at around that time. What I find interesting is that the beginning of Disney Fairies (the 21st night of September), the beginning of  Pixie Hollow (September 22) and the closure of Pixie Hollow (September 19) happened at around the same time. The FairyABC forum even began in September. This year, we'll be celebrating the 14th anniversary of Disney Fairies and the 11th anniversary of Pixie Hollow.

9/23 to 29-Autumn has finally arrived! Recently, golden acorns have…

Snowflake's Postings-August 2019

Fly with you Fairies! It may be back to school season, but it's still summer, and Sports Camp!


Week 8-8/5 to 11-This week's stills are passing and making quick decisions. These skills are very important for Mouse Polo and some other Pixie Hollow Games events. Silvermist is leading this week's training with her games. On top of that, it's the Summer Splash Party! This past week, I've been visiting the beach and pool a lot.

Week 9-8/12 to 18-This week is all about endurance! Iridessa is helping with some Gem Juggle.

Week 10-8/19 to 25-We're focusing on aim with Butterfly Painter!

Week 11-8/26 to 9/1-Fairies aren't the strongest creatures, but it's still very important to practice physical strength as well as speed. And what better way to do so than to lift Lost Things and sort them quickly?

Famous Fairy Profile


Favorite Color-Sapphire Blue
Favorite Food-Water Chestnuts
Favorite Animal-Seahorse
Favorite Flower-Water Lily
Favorite Hobby-D…

Snowflake's Postings-July 2019

Let's get into it!


Sport's Camp is in full swing! Here's July's schedule. Oh, I believe each themed week would have a short quest by one of the famous fairies with a workout.

Week 3-7/1 to 7-This week is about general exercise. The Minister of Autumn has planned a workout which involves playing Fairy Fireworks. All athletes need some basic conditioning.

Weekly activity-Go for a jog. Because the summer is so warm, evening jogs are great. You'll feel good after jogging.

Week 4-7/8 to 14-This week's skill is coordination. One task which requires coordination is cleaning up Knothole Pantry while it constantly keeps filling up. Fawn is happy to accept help while you do a workout at the same time.

Weekly activity-After your workout, why not make s'mores! It can either be from an actual bonfire or a microwave. 

Week 5-7/15 to 21-Pixie Hollow almost always has nice weather, especially in the Fairy Coliseum, but sometimes Neverland may add a storm from time to…

Snowflake's Postings-June 2018

Fly with you Fairies! I'd fly backward if I could for not doing a banner thingy this month. School is rough. Any way, here's the post.


Garden Tea Party

The Garden Tea Party is hosted by the garden talents every year to celebrate summer. It's the perfect time to enjoy some tasty cakes, tea, cookies and other treats. This is an event the Minister of Summer loves.

Here are some things you can do for your own garden party!

Neverberry Punch-This recipe is from the old Disney Fairies Website. While neverberries can only be found in Pixie Hollow, this punch should taste just like the real deal!

1/2 cup sugar
1 cup of lemon juice (you can make it by squeezing 4 large lemons)
4 cups water
4 large (or 6 small) strawberries
A handful of raspberries
A splash of cranberry juice
Ice cubes

1. Mix the lemon juice, sugar and water in a pitcher
2. Slice the strawberries
3. Add the strawberries, raspberries and cranberry juice
4. Stir the punch and chill in the fridg…

Snowflake's Postings-May 2019

May Events

Animal Mother's Day-5/6 to 12

Being an animal mother is hard work! That's why the animal talents created this holiday to celebrate them. Most years, the animal mothers get a day off, so we get to take care of them! How cute and fun! Flowers are a traditional decoration for this day because it is spring now!

Here's an event timeline on how this event changed:
2010-The event began
2011-Players could take care of the animals
2012-A kitten was added and pets could be able to find cat ears
2013-Special silly sweets were added to Harmony's

Event Activity

Make a card for your real mother, or anyone you appreciate with a piece of paper. You simply fold it both ways and draw a line on the folds. On the bottom right section, write a sweet message.

Turn the paper around so the top rows will be on the bottom. Draw an image for the front of your card on the bottom right square and draw a tiny icon on the bottom left one if you want.

Finally, fold your paper hamburger styl…