Monthly Horoscope March 2020

Hi! Sorry I'm so behind on my monthly! Things have been crazy!

Aries-Not too much will happen this month, but there will be an emphases on practicality, caution and long term goals. It’s a good time to focus on these things. You may also experience a powerful new beginning.

Taurus-Be careful when dealing with authority and long term goals for the first part of the month as there may be communication issues. Fortunately, communication should be stronger later and things should be harmonious for most of this month. Others should be attracted to you. Action should be used for your benefit. The earlier part of the month is also a great time for learning new things.

Gemini-The earlier part of this month will be okay for learning but better for not publishing discoveries. Eventually, the imagination from last month should return. You may even find a new social group.

Cancer-The Mercury retrograde issues will continue taking place. You may encounter blockages when doing research. But it …

Snowflake's Postings-February 2020

Fly with you Fairies! Sorry this post is a day later than planned. Homework sucks. Any way, this month is February. In Pixie Hollow, that meant Sweet Week and the Friendship Festival. For me (being single), Valentine's Day means desserts which is why I consider February to be dessert month.

Note on FairyABC

If you have been on lately, you'll know that the developers have been taking a mysterious hiatus which is turning the site into a ghost town almost. No one knows when or if they'll be back (or why they vanished)but what I feel like is more important to me is keeping the Pixie Hollow community alive. Even if you aren't on it 24/7, at least try to be at least somewhat active on it or even tell your friends about the need to keep it active. At least there's a remake called We The Pixies coming.

Pixie Hollow Idea

The beautiful thing about friendship is the different things different friends can bring. I've been playing the Tinkerbell DS game for the past several …

Snowflake's Postings-January 2020

The January post is out, FINALLY!

2020 Horoscopes

Aries-When it comes to big changes this year, expect them to have to do with new adventures as well as learning from experience. You may even become wiser. During the fall, it may be very difficult to take action.

Taurus-This year should be a fairly active one. It should start with a powerful moment that may include dealing with disappointment. This year should be good for creative people as well as working towards long term goals. You should have good luck and possible gains this year. But there will be challenges and delays in that area as well. You may even experience surprises and come up with original ideas. Expect moments where a powerful new beginning starts and even some changes. Some may have to do with physical items. The end of the year is a good time to be ambitious.

Gemini-Expect an increase in independence. Be careful that it doesn’t isolate you too much. The spring won’t be the best time to start a new relationship, bu…

Snowflake's Postings-December 2019

Fly with you Fairies! This month will be all about preparing for the holidays! We start with the Great Winter Light Up then celebrate the Winter Wonderland Party.

Fashion Frenzy

This month is all about cool and neutral shades. Here are some color ideas:
Hyacinth PinkCrimson RedSparkling Yellow Pine GreenDry Moss GreenMint GreenTundra BlueIcicle BlueMoonshadow Blue Snowflake BlueFrosty BlueSapphire BlueWaterfall BlueBreezy BlueNavy BlueHorizon BlueTrue BlueDiamond BlueTeal BlueAmethyst PurpleFig Purple Heather PurpleTyrian PurplePomegranite Purple Pale PurpleRoyal PurpleFruitwood BrownBole Brown Cinnamon Brown Starry White You can choose whether you want to go formal, wear red and green, look like a frost talent, or dress warm. I'll post a lookbook video later. In the meantime, I posted a Nutcracker ballet inspired lookbook on the forum.

Famous Fairy Profile

Minister of Winter:
Favorite Color-Frosty Blue
Favorite Food-Roasted Chestnuts
Favorite Animal-All!
Favorite Flower-January Jasm…

Snowflake's Postings-November 2019