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2018 Fairy Friendship Festival

It's that time of year; the Fairy Friendship Festival; the event all about friendship!

The Fairy Friendship Festival began in 2009. Every year some of the meadows were decorated with beautiful heart canopy flowers which are some of my personal favorite event decorations. Starting in 2011, there was an item in the ballroom in which you'd put on and go to a heart canopy meadow. You and other fairies with the same accessory would have to use the heart emote at the same time to get a badge. The 2011 badge was the first cooperative badge in the game.

In 2011, there was a friendship gift station in Havendish Square where you can send one gift a day to your fairy friends as well as a snowball fight in the ballroom. The festival also had the first visits of many famous fairies. Most of the quests in this event were about making friendship gifts with the 2010 one being about making friends with Vidia by giving her gifts. All the quests were Tinkerbell quests except for 2010 where it wa…

Sweet Week 2018

It's February, and it has been a tradition that the week before the Fairy Friendship Festival is Sweet Week. Chef outfits and sweet inspired decorations have been sold in this event. There was a tradition that if you place a certain piece of furniture in your home, you'd get a reward. There was even a bake off raffle in 2013 which was the first one in a while.

Sweet Week Rewards:

2009: Cookie jar-Heart apron
2010: Cookie jar-Mushroom White heart apron
2011: Cookie tray-Whisk belt
2012: Cookie tray-Heart trail silly sweet
2013: Cookie tray-Heart trail silly sweet

A fun activity for Sweet Week is to try baking. I'm not sure I'll have time this week, but I'd love to do some baking this year.

Because the Friendship Festival is coming up, here's some room decor ideas:

Heart Mason Jars: Use mod podge to wrap tissue paper around a mason jar. Next, cut a heart out of a different color of tissue paper and attach that to the jar. You can put fake flowers in the jar or put…