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Camp Pixie Dust 2018-Week 2-Scary Stories

Welcome to another Camp Pixie Dust 2018 post! This week, we'll be celebrating storytelling and storm talents with Scary Story Week! Okay, the stories don't have to be scary, but when I was planning, I thought of scary stories during a storm.

This week's camp ideas are to write a scary story (or any story) or read. I prefer not to read a scary story so late at night though. BTW, the dream I had last night was kind of scary at parts (probably because I stayed up too late). At least it's a decent way to start this week.

Speaking of stories, remember the campfire stories in the Fairy Tale Theatre? During camp, the theatre had a campfire. In 2010, the scripts had 5 plays written by winners of the campfire story contest, and they rotated throughout the summer. Other years, the script had fun phrases to use near the campfire.

One of the biggest parts of Camp Pixie Dust is Lyria coming. In 2010, Lyria would only tell a story at certain times on certain days marked on the event…

Camp Pixie Dust 2018-Week 1

This is it; it's time for my favorite event from the old Pixie Hollow; Camp Pixie Dust!

Each week will have a different theme. Because it's the first week, it would be appropriate if the theme is Introduction Week.

Camp Pixie Dust began in 2010 on the solstice. In 2011, the camp was Sports Camp and it began in July. Camp Pixie Dust returned due to popular demand in 2012 and 2013. A permanent tradition of camp is the sign up badge which you could easily earn by clicking on the sign up quill in Havendish Square.

Many meadows in Havendish were decorated, including the meadow itself, the tearoom (with the troop banners), the ballroom, the theatre and Cassie's Costume Shop. Camp Pixie Dust was the first and only event a shop was decorated (it had a simple banner BTW). In Cassie's, you'd buy uniforms for your talent troop. Though the uniforms had multiple pieces, you only really needed the shirt. The uniforms got a new look in 2013.

With the new talents in FairyABC, we n…

Garden Tea Party 2018

It's time for the Garden Tea Party! This event is meant to celebrate summer and its hosted by the garden talents every year. It lasted in Pixie Hollow from 2009 until 2013.

The 2009 event was actually in July. There was a preparation quest from Rosetta, and Sunflower Gully and Dewdrop Vale had silver tea sets. Starting in 2010, the event occurs in the spring right before summer.

2010's party was similar to 2009, except that the minister of summer came and there was currant punch (the minister's favorite drink). Palm Tree Cove was decorated that year too, and the tea tables were interactive like the Tearoom tables.

The event changed in 2011. There were three Rosetta quests during the event, each gave a hat which is used in the decorated meadows along with an emote to earn the event badges. Starting that year, the Summer Glade and Tearoom were decorated.

Starting in 2012, the hats were purchased at Cassie's and there was the awesome kitchen in the theatre.

2013's par…