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2018 Never Dove Egg Hunt

It's time for one of my favorite spring events; the Never Dove Egg Hunt! It's a time of  year to celebrate the Never Doves. Animal talents paint pebbles to look like Never Dove Eggs and hide them.

This time of year is great for painting your own eggs. What I do when dying eggs is paint them a certain color and draw something on them with a sharpie. Another "egg" cellent idea is cutting cardboard in the shape of eggs and using scrapbook paper or construction paper to decorate them. I decorated them after Pixie Hollow's eggs and put them all in a spring garland. Here are all the eggs Pixie Hollow had.

Spotted Egg-2009 to 2011Striped Egg-2009 to 2011Swirled Egg-2009 to 2011Sunny Side Up Egg-2010 & 2011Nighty Night Egg-2010 & 2011Flower Power Egg-2010 & 2011Butterfly Egg-2010 & 2011Fine Filgree-2012 & 2013 Fancy Filgree-2012 & 2013Stunning Swirl-2012 & 2013 Pretty Simple-2012 & 2013Floral Swirl-2012 & 2013 Twisty Twirl-2012 & 20…

Spring Equinox 2018

Tomorrow is officially the Spring Equinox! Light fairies will melt the snow, animal fairies will wake up the sleeping animals, garden fairies will plant flowers, and water fairies will bring in the April showers. And, the day and night tomorrow will officially be 12 hours each (which means the daylight will be more than 12 hours from now on!).

In most years in Pixie Hollow, there was a golden clover hunt. The idea originated during a storm when Iridessa wanted to rebuild the Spring Celebration when Rosetta was too busy. She decided to create magical rainbows and hide golden clovers instead of the one hidden clover from 2009. Here's the recipe:

You need a snow white clay pot to mix the ingredients inAdd something lucky (like a lucky penny)Add something golden for the golden clovers (like honeycombs)Add ten green cloversStir with a twig that has four perfect prongs  The Everblossom was also in the ballroom in 2011 and 2013. It's the flower in Springtime Square that blooms when it…

Preparing for Spring 2018 #2

Before I get to this post, I'd like to tell you about part 1 of a video I made about all of Pixie Hollow's events for nostalgic and educational purposes. The spring events are in this video.

It's almost time for spring, which officially begins on March 20th! Garden talents are planting flower buds, light talents are making rainbows and animal talents are getting ready to wake up the animals. Yay!

Before spring in 2009, there was a hidden four leaf clover in Neverberry Thicket (similar to the lucky fish). Starting in 2010, there was a quest early in March about preparing for spring. For some reason, there was always some disaster in the Spring Valley. But the effects of the disaster could be seen on the map which was cool.

Although we know spring is coming, March is still a chilly month (unless you live in a warm area), so let's make some decorations to make us feel happier!

Rainbow Garland-I cut hearts, flowers and stars out of glitter paper of all the colors of the ra…

Spring 2018 Preparation

Hey y'all! I'm back on my blog! And I'm SO excited it's March and that spring will come soon! Well, it's a good time to get a new outfit. Here's some old Pixie Hollow spring outfits.

These outfits are from Summit Style. The dark gray one is based off the storm and the yellow one is based on the sunshine that we want. 
 Summit Style
 Summit Style
 Gale's Outfitters
I really like this outfit (it's from Summit Style BTW). And it can work in any shade of green.'s a badge for preparing for spring.

Sorry this post is brief, but I'll post more next week.