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Camp Pixie Dust 2018 Week 6-Flower Power

Fly with you campers! Hope you all had a delicious treat week! I made Popsicles and had tons of ice cream sandwiches! As much as I enjoyed treat week, it's time for a new theme, and that theme is FLOWER POWER WEEK!

I really liked 2013's theme ideas, and that's what flower power is taken off of. And of course, we're celebrating garden talents this week. This week is all about beauty. I feel like it's easy to take the beauty of Pixie Hollow for granted. So I set up a scavenger hunt all about beauty! These items are all found in the original meadows (not the new ones). Please do not publicly share answers. I'll post the answers in two weeks.

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 And if you want to do a mainland scavenger hunt, here's a fun idea; find things (such as flowers) in the different colors. A good goal is to find one thing in all the colors on your list.
Now for camp memories! This week we'll reminisce on camp quests. In 2010, there were 2 quests that were added on …

Camp Pixie Dust 2018 Week 5-Camp Treats

Fly with you pixie campers! Hope you all are having so much fun during camp! Last week, I feel like my belief in magic had strengthened. I remembered all the magical moments that happened during my life.

Now it's time for TREAT WEEK! And what better talent to celebrate than baking talents?

Summer isn't right without sweet summer treats! One obvious example are s'mores. Another example is ice cream. I'm going to eat some ice cream sandwiches this week and make popsicles. You can buy popsicles, or make them using popsicle molds. My favorite is the strawberry popsicles with chocolate chips inside. We make them every summer, but I hope to try new flavors. Popsicle recipes can be found online or in cookbooks.

Anyway, let's talk about more camp memories. 2010 introduced interactive meadow activities. First, Berry Ball in Neverfruit Grove was introduced, where you'd click on the blueberry basket in hopes of getting it in the hoop. Next, there was a cricket chorus in t…

Camp Pixie Dust 2018 Week 4-Magic in Everyday Life

Hello pixie campers! I hope you're enjoying this flitterific summer! Hope you all enjoyed friendship week last week! I did a lot of work on my scrapbook and though I was unable to see anyone physically, I did manage to contact some people. Don't worry if you feel as if you missed friendship week though; you can attempt to earn last week's badge anytime throughout the summer.

 This week is all about magic in everyday life. This week is about the dust keeper talents because their talent is literally about magic. And in order to give all the talent troops a week, I'm adding music talents, because music just sounds magical!

Because I'm getting older, I'm unfortunately loosing my ability to believe in magic (which I won't let happen). However, in the summer, I somehow have a stronger belief in magic than any other time of year. I don't know why really. But I did see something magical during my walk yesterday. One tree sort of looked like it had a door on it…

Camp Pixie Dust 2018-Week 3-Friendship

Fly with you fairies! I hope you all are enjoying Camp Pixie Dust! I really enjoyed Story Week. I worked on this large document I have with a bunch of random stories from my life. And...I had a few scary dreams (probably because I'm a night owl).

Anyway, this week celebrates Troop Turtle (tinker talent) and friendship! I don't know why I put these two together; I guess because many of the Tinkerbell movies are about friendship.

I had a friendship week last week, and this week is a great excuse to communicate with friends. Try communicating with people you haven't seen in a while. And if you can't, try making a scrapbook on the fun memories you had with friends.

A fun activity to try, which I tried last year, is to create friendship bracelets. You can give them to a friend or keep it for yourself. You'll need five different colors of embroidery floss and a button.


Cut 2 to 3 (I usually cut 2) feet of the first four thread colors. For the fifth color, I make t…