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Art Month 2018 Post #2

Heyyyyy! Hope you all are enjoying Art Month so far!

Art month began in 2010 and it featured artistic outfits and decorations. There was even an art themed home decoration contest. There was a home contest (the first one in fact) in January 2009, but this month wasn't known as Art Month yet. Since then, every January was art themed with artistic outfits and decorations and a freestyle home decoration contest. Many years added new hairstyles with 2012 adding the highlight feature. In 2010 and 2013, the ballroom was open with a special gift.

My last post included some activities you can do this month. As for art month outfits, I was originally going to post some, but because it's Art Month, there's no rules for outfits really! You can add a bunch of crazy colors to your outfit, or make your outfit a unifying theme. What I'm doing is dying the same outfit a few different colors. There are basically too many dye colors in Pixie Hollow! I only did two because I'm busy …

Art Month 2018

Happy New Year everyone! I need to start getting used to writing 2018 on everything instead of 2017.

January is honestly my least favorite month because I find it to be the longest and very cold. Also, the holidays are over and we have to wait forever for them to come back. :(

But, this year I'm fixing this problem by giving a different creative activity for each day.

1/1-Because I know you're all hungover from the new year festivities, lets start with something simple; think of something that made you smile in 2017.

1/2-Fly around Pixie Hollow, but this time, look at the little artistic details in the meadows you usually take for granted

1/3-Design your dream Pixie Hollow home. You can create a picture of it or just think about what you want it to be. Think of the colors and furniture you want in it.

1/4-Take a screenshot on FairyABC, but this time, make it an artistic one

1/5-Design an outfit, but don't just dress your fairy up. Actually create a unique outfit with endless op…