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2017 Autumn Equinox

Hello fairies! Happy Autumn everyone! I know the first day of autumn was last weekend, but I mainly post on Mondays to keep things consistent. Here's a little music video to celebrate.

What am I doing this fall? Connecting to nature! My fall activity is to add some nature to your room or anything that reminds you of nature such as pinecones and leaves. If the weather's nice, you can go for strolls among the beautiful autumn scenery.

And of course, the badge!
Stay tuned for the next autumn event thingy next week!

2017 Changing of the Leaves

I know I usually post on Mondays, but I don't want to post on 9/11. So, I'm posting today!

Summer is over, but it's time for the Changing of the Leaves, a time to prepare for autumn by painting beautiful leaves. It's also a great time to make beautiful fall decorations, with leaves of course! Here's a really cute Disney Fairies craft.

Another fun room decorating idea is to hang a leaf garland in your room. You can also add colorful leaves, pinecones and gourds. 

Event Memories

In the original Pixie Hollow, the Changing of the Leaves was held every year right before Autumn since 2009. There were four stations in each of the autumn meadows; a paint maker in Acorn Summit, a leaf painting machine in Cottonpuff Field, a leaf drying station in Maple Tree Hill and a leaf loading zone in the Pumpkin Patch. In 2009, the leaf painting machine was covered in the earlier days of the event. There were always quests and th…

2017 End of Summer Sparkler + blog update

To celebrate the end of summer, we're celebrating the end of summer sparkler! As a light talent, I think it's the PERFECT way to celebrate the end of summer.

To celebrate, here's a video I made.

Here are some light talent sparkler outfits:

What's your favorite sparkler memory from Pixie Hollow? Mine was in 2010 when I saw Iridessa. It was the first time a famous fairy said my name, and it's awesome because she's my mentor fairy. 
Here's a badge, just like always!

Now for the blog update. Because of school, I'll no longer be posting every single week. But I'll still be posting frequently, and they'll likely be on Monday. My next post will be next week.