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Winter 2017 Advent Calendar

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to get ready for Christmas. Here's an advent calendar craft.

What you'll need:

Poster board Construction paperTapeGlueMarker Steps:

Cut approximately 3 by 4  inch squares out of the construction paper. The calendar in the picture has 31 squares but you can just do 24. Fold 2 inches of the square up. Tape the sides to secure them.Write the numbers on the pockets Glue the pockets to the poster board   Now, it's time to add stuff to the pockets. I have a special gift for your calendar; 24 badges!

You can also add slips of fun activities to do each day. You can even add candy!
 Well, that's all folks! The next post will be next week! 

2017 Fairy Feast

It's time for the tasty Fairy Feast!

The tradition began in November 2008 as the biggest party in Autumn; the Autumn Jubilee. There was a cornucopia in the Pumpkin Patch which filled day to day. The event was renamed the Fairy Feast in 2009. Starting in 2010, you could prepare a soup and decorate a cake. My favorite memory of the fairy feast was preparing the food.

You'll need an outfit for the feast. Something formal might be good. Here's an outfit that was once sold in Pixie Hollow shops. It can be found in Summit Style.

You can also dress up like a princess!

If you celebrate Thanksgiving,  a fun thing to do is to help prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Every year, I help shape delicious bread rolls and I might make the pie this year.

Before my feast badge, I'll post the revelry badge I forgot to post last week.

And of course, here's an event badge.

 I'll post next Monday (the 27th). This will be my first holiday post of the year.

Autumn Revelry 2017

It's finally time; the Autumn Revelry! It's an event which celebrates the end of autumn, but this year will be when the blue moon rises. A fairy is chosen to create an autumn scepter with the pieces of a rare blue moonstone on it. The moonrays pass through the gem creating blue pixie dust which restores the Pixie Dust Tree making this revelry very important.

Here are some outfits inspired by the Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure DS game. They can all be found in Summit Style.

 The revelry event took place in 2009. Did any of you experience it? FairyABC reused a lot of its decorations last year. The Autumn Forest was covered in blue pixie dust and Tink's balloon was in Cottonpuff Field. That was actually where I met my first famous fairy.

 Here's a badge. I'm sorry, I forgot to make the tinker talent revelry badge, but I'll post it on the 20th which will be when my next blog post will be here.