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Formally Spring 2018

If you don't know what this event is, it's okay, it was only a very minor event in 2009. This event is a way to celebrate the end of spring before summer comes. In this event, fairies are encouraged to have dance parties and dress a bit more formal than usual. Here's a dress that's available in Summit Style. You can use any formal dress for this event though.

In the 2009 event, Marina came to public parties. There are some snapshots here. 

Princess Week 2018

While I'm still celebrating the Great Games, (BTW, I have a Harvest Hustle challenge) I'd like to dedicate a week to celebrating the Disney Princess. I've done something like this for fun in 2015 and I'm doing it again this year.

I'd imagine there would be 15 quests for each of the Disney Princesses, and each would include a different task relating to that princess and it would give you a different tiara at the end. Here's what the tasks would be:

Snow White-Explore the Never Mine
Cinderella-Tailor at Bobbin or Mendy's
Aurora-Buy a pillow from Treetop Housewears
Ariel-Play Bubble Bounce
Belle-Gather rose petals
Jasmine-Find a hidden lamp in Pixie Hollow
Pocahontas-Gather feathers
Mulan-Find a hidden sward in Pixie Hollow
Tiana-Bake at Dulcie's
Rapunzel-Play Firefly Light Up. Fireflies aren't floating lanterns, but they're beautiful too!
Merida-Play that Bee's Eye game in Dewdrop Vale
Frozen-Play Snowflake Sweep
Moana-Because it's the new…

2018 Great Games!

This is it; one of Pixie Hollow's most celebrated events that somehow didn't return after 2010. Well, IT'S BACK! Seriously, why did it have to disappear?

In case you're wondering about the Great Games, it is NOT the Pixie Hollow Games. The Pixie Hollow Games is basically the Olympics and it occurs every four years and only two fairies from each talent compete. Meanwhile, the Great Games is supposed to be annual and it's less competitive and more fun. Get it?

Last year, I celebrated the Great Games by playing the Disney Fairies games which are on the FairyABC game center and official Disney Fairies website. They even have Harvest Hustle!

Now, I'd like to tell you a bit about the Great Games because I'm sure some haven't experienced it; let alone remember it. The purpose is to help with the seasons changing in the talent games, but it's also about fun games. Each year, there was a quest and a competition in the weekends of the event. This year, I'…