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2019 New Year's Event PLUS Important Blog Announcement

Sorry that this post is so late, but I lost all my motivation to do anything after working crazy hard on Christmas gifts and the holiday movie. But I'm here with an extra special announcement at the end of this post!

2019 Horoscope

Aries-Adventure is calling! New ideas and new people are just beyond the horizon. And by the end of this month, you’ll gain the courage and energy to explore!

Taurus-Connections with other people will be strong this month all around. However, early in the month there will likely be communication issues with other people.

Gemini-Much of the energy this month will be in a deeper part of your live. In the beginning, there may be delays in a part of life which others wouldn’t see. However, you should expect new, harmonious connections which would be practical at the same time.

Cancer-Emotion will be intense. It’ll especially be intense when it comes to thinking and other people. Try not to take to much action this month. Imagine new adventures instead.


2018 winter wonderland party

This Friday will be the official winter solstice and the start of one of my favorite events; the Winter Wonderland Party!

Seasonal Scoop

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, it's time for a new season! And this means it's time for the  winter fairies to travel to the mainland to change the seasons!

Here were the gifts the wise and mature Minister of Winter gave each year:
2009-Crimson Red Berry Wreath
2010-Frosty Blue Icy Chandelier
2011-Snowflake Blue Sparkling Sleigh
2012-Frosty Blue Regal Ice Crown

During the Hollow's first winter (2008 to 2009), there was only the Winter Wonderland Party and the Fairy Friendship Festival. In 2010, Art Month was added.

Here's when I'll be posting this season:
New Year's Event-12/26 (my birthday!!!!!)
Art Month-1/1
Art Month Event: Winter Tea Party-1/7
Art Month Event: Northern Lights Festival-1/21
Art Month Event: Sister Celebration-1/28
Sweet Week-2/4
Fairy Friendship Festival-2/11

What's your favorite winter eve…

2018 Great Winter Light Up

Nostalgia Corner

It's December, which means many of us are really getting into the holiday spirit (though I was ready the day after Halloween). This means it's time for the Great Winter Light Up!

The light up is a very important tradition. It's right before winter hits the mainland and it's about lighting the Winter Woods so the winter fairies could finish their seasonal preparations at night. Now, here's the usual event timeline.

The event wasn't that much in 2008. All there was is this never news post saying that Iridessa lost her fireflies and it encouraged fairies to play Firefly Light Up. Iridessa met up with fairies near the game entrance.

The event was official in 2009. There were the beautiful lanterns in the Winter Woods. The music was muted so you could hear the sound of winter fairies working. There was a badge for playing Fairy Fireworks.

In 2010, the event was during the eight days of Hannukah. You'd earn a badge for achieving at least 25,000 p…