What is Snowflake's Pixie Hollow Events you ask? 

Well, it's a blog which is meant to "bring back" Pixie Hollow's events. The events were one of my favorite parts of Pixie Hollow, so the purpose of this blog is to celebrate them again both on the mainland and FairyABC (the new pixie hollow).

Most posts will come on a Monday unless I say so otherwise. I'll tell when I'll likely post my next post at the end of each post.

Each post is meant to celebrate the different events in a fun new way. The posts will each include fun activities to celebrate each of the events as well as a badge you can print out and add to your own leaf journal or something. Posts can also include special outfits, crafts, videos, old pixie hollow event memories and more. 

So if you loved Pixie Hollow's events, keep checking this blog for fun event posts!


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