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2018 Animal Masquerade

Hello, hello fairies and sparrow men! From now on, I'll be arranging the sections of my normal blog posts into different columns (sort of like the pixie postings but exclusively for events).

This week and for the rest of October, we'll be celebrating one of my favorite Pixie Hollow events; the Animal Masquerade!

Nostalgia Corner

The Animal Masquerade was the first ever Pixie Hollow event that became a tradition, and it began in October 2008. It introduced the new meadow; Acorn Summit. It was a hidden meadow during the event, but there were instructions on how to find it in the Never News. This event also introduced Summit Style which had animal masks. Acorn Summit was decorated with animal decor, and you can collect a pair of Raspberry Red chipmunk ears. You'd even earn a badge for wearing any mask or ears during the event.

2009 was similar to 2008, only instead of red chipmunk ears, they were Soft Orange. Animal costumes were sold in addition to masks. The masks were both…

2018 Berry Harvest Festival

Fly with you y'all! How are you all doing? I'm so excited that it's fall! And do you know what that means? It's harvest time!

The Berry Harvest Festival was only held in 2008 and it was actually Pixie Hollow's first ever event. This festival is an autumn tradition all about gathering berries used to make dyes and feed the animals. Hopefully Dulcie will use it to make delicious treats! You'd even earn a badge for gathering ten raspberries or blueberries. You'd even get a pair of free shoes if you log on.

A fun activity for this festival is to dress your fairy in berry colored clothing. Another fun idea is to play Harvest Hustle on FairyABC (there are berries in that game).

Fall is also about harvesting things other than berries like apples and pumpkins (all for delicious fall treats!) I especially love apple pie and pumpkin muffins. Hopefully Pixie Hollow's berry treats will be ready for the Fairy Feast!

Now, before I sign off, here's a fall badge. …

Purple Moon Festival 2018

It's time; time for the Purple Moon Festival! If you don't know what this is, it's an event I created based on an actual Pixie Hollow event that was mentioned back in 2013.

The purple moon rises every year, usually in the summer or fall. This special celebration varies depending on the area celebrated though. During this festival, a red moon rises. Then an orange moon, than yellow, than green, than teal, than blue, than it turns purple in midnight.

This celebration represents friendship. The purple moon actually represents the equivalent of homecoming in many magic schools. Dances are usually held in and out of these schools and many wear purple for these outfits.

A fun idea for this week is to write a story about the Purple Moon.

I'd imagine that this badge would be earned from completing the quest: