2018 Fairy Feast

I'm literally listening to Cooking by the Book while writing this.

Any way, while we're all busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner (if you live in the US), try to take time to read this Snowflake's Pixie Hollow Events issue.

Nostalgia Corner

The Pixie Hollow version of Thanksgiving began back in late November 2008. Back then, it was called the Autumn Jubilee. In 2008, players could donate ingredients and earn badges for that. Fairies were encouraged to play Harvest Hustle and donate ingredients to fill the cornucopia in the Pumpkin Patch. Throughout the event, the cornucopia would fill up more and more. There was a badge for donating ingredients and an honors badge for the top Harvest Hustle scorers.

The event was renamed the Fairy Feast in 2009. There would be a Fawn quest about filling the cornucopia and the cornucopia would also fill up. Acorn Summit would also be decorated (and it was AMAZING).

2010's feast received a major upgrade.  The Fawn quest would be before the event. The cornucopia would no longer periodically be filled, but new, flitterific traditions were added. There was a soup cooking station in Acorn Summit and a cake decorating station in Cottonpuff Field. And for this year only, you'd earn a badge for hosting a feast party game.

2011's feast was similar, only it began the tradition of a Bright Eyes (Iridessa) mystery quest being in the event every year. 2012 added the theatre kitchen from the Garden Tea Party.

Here were the event gifts every year:
2008-Driftwood Brown Harvest Cornucopia-Maple Tree Hill
2009-Asparagus Green Harvest Cornucopia-From Fawn and Sweet Pea's visit
2011-Umber Brown Festive Jelly Tower-Ballroom
2012-Marigold Yellow Feast Plate-Ballroom

Fashion Frenzy

A feast is no feast without cooking, right? So you'll need a chef outfit for that.

The apron, hat and glove can be found in  Gale's Outfitters in 1.0.

And when eating dinner, you may want to dress a bit more formal than usual. The color is up to you, but popular colors for the feast include orange or any other fall color and purple. Purple is a flitterific color for fall and winter (because winter is coming soon!!!!!!!) Here are some examples of formal wear.

And if you really want to feel like a princess, why not wear a tiara?

 And I know; some of you can't wait until winter. If you're that person, try light blue and/or white!

Quiz Cove

What's your feast style?

Where do you want the fairy feast to be located?
a.)    Some place simple, like my house
b.)    The elegant Tearoom
c.)    Acorn Summit because of the cool fall air, the trees and the sound of owls
d.)    The Realm

What’s your favorite part of the Fairy Feast?
a.)    FOOD!!!!!!!!
b.)    Getting dressed up
c.)    Harvesting for the cornucopia
d.)    The interesting fairy treats

How would you like to prepare for the feast?
a.)    Prepare the food
b.)    Set the table
c.)    Help the harvest talents with food and the garden talents with decorations
d.)    Try to add some magic to the party

What would you like to wear for the feast?
a.)    My work clothes
b.)    A fancy dress
c.)    Something in the colors of fall
d.)    Something sparkly

Which treat would you most want to enjoy?
a.)    Pizza
b.)    A well prepared salad
c.)    Freshly harvested fruit and vegetables
d.)    Something which only fairies eat

And how would you like to be served?
a.)    Buffet style
b.)    Fancy restaurant style
c.)    Brought to me by the harvest talents that just picked the food
d.)    Brought to me by pixie dust

If you spill soup on your feast dress, how would you react?
a.)    It’s just a dress
b.)    Rush home and change before anyone sees
c.)    Wash it off with water
d.)    See it as something exciting

What kind of cake would you want for dessert?
a.)    I don’t care as long as I like it
b.)    A multiple tier cake that was elegantly decorated
c.)    A cake with mostly fresh fruit and other natural ingredients
d.)    Something a mermaid would eat

What would you do after you’re done eating?
a.)    Sleep or something
b.)    Ask to be excused
c.)    Watch the fall sunset
d.)    Explore magical realms

How would people describe you?
a.)    Casual
b.)    Polite and mannered
c.)    Nature-loving
d.)    Adventurous and curious

How do you see the fairy feast?
a.)    Food (duh)
b.)    An elegant dinner
c.)    A celebration of the end of autumn
d.)    Like Thanksgiving, but WAY more magical

Mostly A’s-When it comes to feast celebrations, you prefer to keep it casual. You’d come wearing something simple and treat the feast as just a normal dinner. Casual dinners are less stressful because you won’t need to worry so much about clothes, decorations and elegant food, which is perfect for you.

Mostly B’s-You’re feast is formal and fun. You’d attend the meal wearing your best dress and hoping that the kitchen fairies prepared something elegant enough. You also enjoy elegantly set tables. You are likely good mannered and would enjoy a lovely high class dinner.

Mostly C’s-It is the fairy feast after all, so the event is a celebration of nature for you.  What’s most important about the feast is not just the food, but it’s a celebration of the end of autumn and the freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. You may donate the most food to the cornucopia.

Mostly D’s-If it’s a never fairy event, then it has to be magical. If your feast is full of tricks, excitement, the unexpected, and of course, magic, it’s the perfect party for you. You would be willing to go on magical adventures and try new things just to add a spark in your life.


Ooh...another leaf lettering message? See if you can decode it!

Featured Badge

This is what I imagine would be the quest reward this year. I believe that this quest would be a Rosetta quest about setting the table and creating the decorations.

Thanks for reading! My next issue will be on the 3rd of December. 


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