2018 winter wonderland party

This Friday will be the official winter solstice and the start of one of my favorite events; the Winter Wonderland Party!

Seasonal Scoop

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, it's time for a new season! And this means it's time for the  winter fairies to travel to the mainland to change the seasons!

Here were the gifts the wise and mature Minister of Winter gave each year:
2009-Crimson Red Berry Wreath
2010-Frosty Blue Icy Chandelier
2011-Snowflake Blue Sparkling Sleigh
2012-Frosty Blue Regal Ice Crown

During the Hollow's first winter (2008 to 2009), there was only the Winter Wonderland Party and the Fairy Friendship Festival. In 2010, Art Month was added.

Here's when I'll be posting this season:
New Year's Event-12/26 (my birthday!!!!!)
Art Month-1/1
Art Month Event: Winter Tea Party-1/7
Art Month Event: Northern Lights Festival-1/21
Art Month Event: Sister Celebration-1/28
Sweet Week-2/4
Fairy Friendship Festival-2/11

What's your favorite winter event? Mine is the Winter Wonderland Party.

Nostalgia Corner

The winter wonderland party began right around the winter solstice in 2008. The meadows were decorated with the beautiful lanterns. A badge was collectible in snowcap glade. This party had the first event quest. It was a Silvermist quest about decorating Tink's home for winter. The reward was a Snowflake Blue Snow Blanker.

In 2009, the ballroom opened for the first time and it was SO BEAUTIFUL. There was also a badge for finding all the holiday snowflakes in the winter woods and a Christmas tree in Cottonpiff field. There was a string of TWELVE short quests based on the twelve days of Christmas. At the end of each quest, you'd get a reward based on that day. Here are the quests

Two turtle doves-tink, but Iridessa would give the reward
Three French hens-Silvermist
Four calling birds-Rosetta
Five gold rings-Iridessa
Six geese a laying-fawn
Seven swans a swimming-Silvermist
Eight maids a milking-Rosetta
Nine ladies dancing-fawn
Ten lords a leeping-Iridessa
Eleven pipers piping-
Twelve drummers drumming-
A partridge in a pear tree-Tink (you'd literally do nothing in this quest to get the reward).

The ornaments from these quests were even on the Cottonpuff Christmas tree!

2010 added big changes to many events, including the winter wonderland party. The ice palace (aka, winter hall) opened with ice sculpture gifts and an interactive piano.The ballroom had a snowball fight (and a badge for tossing snowballs). The snowflake emote was also added and Havendish Square was covered in snow.

2011 was similar, but havendish was covered in snow. There was an interactive holiday gift station where you can click the box five times once a day to send a gift to your friends. Also, the ice palace had a holly railing you can grow if you had the grow talent skill. You could make it snow in the palace of enough fairies use the snowflake emote and earn a badge. And in Havendish, there were cute little snow animals with interactive lanterns. AWWW!

For 2012, the holiday gift station was removed. Instead of making it snow in the ice palace, you'd use the snow weasel emote with others to find a snow weasel in the palace. There was also a beautiful Christmas tree.

Ice palace sculptures each year:

2010-Bear, arctic fox, deer and bunny
2011-Chipmunk, penguin, swan and owl
2012-Kitten, raccoon, snow weasel, never dove AND festive ornament seeds!

I like how there were different animals each year!!!

Ballroom gifts:

2009-Snow White Poinsettia Headband
2010-Walnut Tan Snowman Snowglobe
2011-Snowman silly sweet
2012-Snow White Weasel Knit Hat

A Christmas Special!!!!!!!!

Looking for something to do over holiday break? Why not watch my Pixie Hollow holiday movie? I'll hopefully upload it on my Youtube channel on the 22nd.

This movie is a holiday tale about a fairy named Scarlet who goes on a magical adventure outside of Pixie Hollow to find a gift to cheer up a negative fairy. But her journey is more than that; she learns a lot more about other people and other things.

If you want a very brief teaser on the friends Scarlet will meet, click here.

From the Mainland

What's your favorite holiday tradition? I have a lot. Every year, we bake cookies (of course) and decorate gingerbread houses. I decorated mine with symbols of the different fairy talents. We also decorate the tree and watch holiday movies.

My favorite Christmas memory is in 2009, when I asked for a Nintendo DS and the Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure DS Game (I saw a trailer for that game on the Disney Fairies site and I REALLY wanted it). I remember playing this game for the first time on Christmas morning and I loved it. I also got the Realm of the Never Fairies book that year.

Now's your turn, please leave a comment and share your favorite tradition/and or memory.

This year, I'm most looking forward to giving gifts to my friends. Giving gifts is amazing because I really like seeing their excited reactions. I make homemade crafts to give because they're harder to get elsewhere and they remind your friend of the person that gave it. Currently, I have some boxes under the tree in my room (I decorated it with Pixie Hollow ornaments!).

Featured Badge

The header may say "Featured Badge", but I actually have two badges for this event!

I always imagined that FairyABC's XMAS land would be a magical, special event location. I'm thinking that this year, there should also be twelve famous fairy quests, only they should each be about belief in magic and positivity. They're the themes of my movie, so I'm making them the themes of Christmas this year. You'd receive this key when the quests are finished.

And also, if you haven't visited XMAS Land on FairyABC, you NEED to do it this month! It's so beautiful and it has such pretty music!!!!!! The sign is in Havendish Square, so flap to it!

And because I LOVE making and giving gifts, I made this badge.

I actually made a similar badge last year.

So...that's the end I guess. Fly with you later!


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