2019 New Year's Event PLUS Important Blog Announcement

Sorry that this post is so late, but I lost all my motivation to do anything after working crazy hard on Christmas gifts and the holiday movie. But I'm here with an extra special announcement at the end of this post!

2019 Horoscope

 Aries-Adventure is calling! New ideas and new people are just beyond the horizon. And by the end of this month, you’ll gain the courage and energy to explore!

Taurus-Connections with other people will be strong this month all around. However, early in the month there will likely be communication issues with other people.

Gemini-Much of the energy this month will be in a deeper part of your live. In the beginning, there may be delays in a part of life which others wouldn’t see. However, you should expect new, harmonious connections which would be practical at the same time.

Cancer-Emotion will be intense. It’ll especially be intense when it comes to thinking and other people. Try not to take to much action this month. Imagine new adventures instead.

Leo-There may be a tendency to go with the heart rather than the head, especially when it comes to adventure.

Virgo-In the beginning of the month, hidden thoughts will be active. Make sure you think before saying something or posting on social media. Be careful in relations with other people as there may be roughness. Late in this month, you’ll likely want more adventure.

Libra-Prepare for intense and deep thoughts and feelings. New ideas which will likely be social media related may form. Take advantage of this month’s strong thoughts and use them for practical use.

Scorpio-The mind should be active with new, creative ideas, but it would be better to reflect on previous ideas in the earlier part of the month. Luckily, people will likely be attracted to you. Feelings towards other people should be very strong this month.  

Sagittarius-Imagination and thought should be intense. There may be new, creative ideas you’ll be passionate about. 

Capricorn-Your life in terms of other people should become clearer and more intense. Just make sure to focus on yourself while acknowledging truths when it comes to relationships. 

Aquarius-This month will be a good time to join new social groups and be well involved in them. 

Pisces-This month will be a good time to reevaluate your thoughts. There should be deep emotion and strong passion. Luckily, some of that passion will be beneficial when it comes to taking action. 

Quiz Cove-Which season are you?

What color scheme do you like the best?
a.)    light, warm colors
b.)    bright colors as well as yellows and greens
c.)    dark and warm colors, browns
d.)    neutral, cool colors

What type of weather do you like the best?
a.)    Rain and warmth
b.)    Warmth and sunshine
c.)    Brisk, breezy weather
d.)    Snow

How do you like to dress?

a.)    Colorful, flower prints
b.)    Bright, not too layered, fun
c.)    Layered but stylish
d.)    Super warm and cozy

Which month of the year do you like best?

a.)    April
b.)    July
c.)    October
d.)    January

What would your symbol be?

a.)    Flower
b.)    Sun
c.)    Leaf
d.)    Snowflake

How would others describe you?

a.)    An early bird
b.)    Cheerful and energetic
c.)    Wise and knowledgeable
d.)    Serious and no nonsense

What time of day do you like best?

a.)    Sunrise
b.)    Daytime
c.)    Sunset
d.)    Nighttime

What do you want your mainland task to be?

a.)    Making the flowers bloom
b.)    Adding a little bit of sunshine
c.)    Painting the leaves
d.)    Making it SNOW!

What’s your favorite Pixie Hollow event?
a.)    Never Dove Egg Hunt
b.)    Camp Pixie Dust
c.)    Animal Masquerade
d.)    Winter Wonderland Party

And finally; what’s your favorite season?
a.)    Spring
b.)    Summer
c.)    Autumn
d.)    Winter

Mostly A’s-Spring-Spring is the first season of the year and it’s when everything is new again. While it does rain a lot, the first bit of natural beauty of the year is added. Spring is a high focus of the first Tinkerbell movie and it’s the time when fairies melt the snow, wake up the little fuzzies and plant flowers. The Minister of Spring gets stressed easily, but he’s very hardworking. Spring events to look forward to this year include the Spring Celebration, Never Dove Egg Hunt and Animal Mother’s Day.

Mostly B’s-Summer-Summer is a season full of energy and sunlight. It’s a perfect time to play or just chill. Nature is very alive during this season. Summer is the focus of Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue. Fairies spend this entire season on the mainland blooming fruit and making sure nature is living life to the fullest. The Minister of Summer is one of the most cheerful and positive fairies in Pixie Hollow. Summer events to look forward to this year include Camp Pixie Dust, the Summer Splash Party and the End of Summer Sparkler.

Mostly C’s-Autumn-While nature dies in this season; it’s still very beautiful with the colorful leaves, the brisk weather and the fun and exciting holidays. It may not be about life, but it’s the beginning of one of the most festive times of the year. Autumn is a high focus on Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure and that’s when fairies paint leaves, put the animals to sleep and blow the leaves off the trees. The Minister of Autumn is mature and very wise. Events to look forward to this year include the Changing of the Leaves, Animal Masquerade and the Fairy Feast.

Mostly D’s-Winter-Winter is the final season of the year. It’s less about plants and more about snow. This season is fun for either going outside and playing in the snow or staying inside with the warm fire. It’s the perfect way to end the year. While it may be cold, the winter fairies still have fun in Secret of the Wings preparing to frost the mainland and craft snowflakes. The Minister of Winter is the most mature and serious of the leaders and she doesn’t take foolishness. Events to look forward to this year are Art Month, the Fairy Friendship Festival, and of course, the Winter Wonderland Party at the end!

Featured Badge

I'd imagine that this badge would be a reward from a new year preparation quest which includes all the main characters (because I loved it when quests did it).

And now...the important announcement!

I want to refresh my life a bit this new year. And part of that includes a change with this blog. Starting in 2019, I will no longer be posting event postings.

Wait...don't cry! I'm not finished yet!

The reason why I'm making a change is because I feel like next year will be pretty busy, and I want to work on new hobbies this year and have time to be lazy. Also, I'm kind of bored of making all these badges to the point where I kind of lost motivation. And this type of nostalgia blog can't go on forever as I will run out of events to recap. And because not many really read this blog, it kind of drains motivation and reason for me to be taking so much time on these posts. BUT...there is no ending really. Just read on.

I'll still be posting horoscopes every month on this blog because the reason why I posted the horoscopes in the first place is so I could get back into astrology which I wanted to do. And because those quizzes were so much fun to complete, I'll occasionally be posting them on here too.

And if you love, love, love the event stuff, I will be posting event related ideas and stuff on the FairyABC forum. Most of which will include my ideas on new events and new twists to the classic ones, but I will do some event nostalgia posts too. I may even create badges, but they won't be as frequent. I even have plans for art month badges, but they'll probably take a while to make. Hey...maybe I'll add some leaf lettering messages.

So really, this isn't an ending, but a new beginning.



  1. Happy New Year! I love reading your events so I hope to still see them on the forums! ;)
    Good luck on your new adventures!


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