2018 Great Winter Light Up

Nostalgia Corner

It's December, which means many of us are really getting into the holiday spirit (though I was ready the day after Halloween). This means it's time for the Great Winter Light Up!

The light up is a very important tradition. It's right before winter hits the mainland and it's about lighting the Winter Woods so the winter fairies could finish their seasonal preparations at night. Now, here's the usual event timeline.

The event wasn't that much in 2008. All there was is this never news post saying that Iridessa lost her fireflies and it encouraged fairies to play Firefly Light Up. Iridessa met up with fairies near the game entrance.

The event was official in 2009. There were the beautiful lanterns in the Winter Woods. The music was muted so you could hear the sound of winter fairies working. There was a badge for playing Fairy Fireworks.

In 2010, the event was during the eight days of Hannukah. You'd earn a badge for achieving at least 25,000 points in a single game of Fairy Fireworks (I was SO excited to earn this badge). There was also a Silvermist quest about creating cold beams to drop temperatures on the mainland. Once complete, you'd earn a key to the ice palace which would open for the Winter Wonderland party. The pre event quest with the ice palace key would become a tradition. 2011's quest was about creating the lanterns and 2012 was about creating snowflakes for winter. 2012 also had an open ballroom and a candelabra gift. I'm starting to think that the Great Winter Light Up is also a Pixie Hollow version of Hannukah.

My favorite memory from the Great Winter Light Up was finally earning the 2010 badge. It was difficult, but I got it!

Fashion Frenzy

Because a new season is approaching, it's time to update our wardrobes. Good colors for winter cool colors such as different shades of blue and purple. White and grey are also flitterific colors. And for the holiday spirit, try red and green.

Fun ideas for winter outfits are formal party dresses. Try to add a sparkling tiara too (they may be made of ice crystals!!!!!).

And because it's cold, try to add fuzzy accessories to your formal look.

And of course, it's a good idea to dress warm and wear ice skates!

This is a combination of a warm outdoor look and a formal dress. I wore this to this year's Frost Talent ball.  

And as for wings, try some snowflake wings!


Pixie Craft

Because I know you're all decorating and some of you are already done by now, here are a few holiday crafts and activities.

Memory Snowflakes

This is a very easy one. All you need is paper (they can be white computer paper or scrapbooking paper) and scissors really. You basically cut out snowflakes like you did in first grade. If you want to, you can thread some onto strings. You'd write down one of your favorite memories from 2018 on each snowflake. The idea behind this is that you'd add one (maybe a few more) snowflakes to your room each day leading up to Christmas. I'm adding a snowflake for the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

And the cool thing about this craft is that because it's snowflakes (not exclusively Christmas), you can keep these even into January. This will bring some cheer leading into January (my least favorite month of the year in my opinion).

 Holiday pom pom string

This was inspired by a string I found at Micheals. All you do for this craft is thread wintery colored pom poms onto string.

DIY ornaments

Making a new ornament for the tree used to be a holiday tradition. There are no rules for this craft. But one idea is to put glitter in a glass ball. You can add stickers to this ball if you want to.

Gift boxes

What you do is fold a box that can open and close out of scrapbooking paper. Then, you add a name tag for the person that you're giving the gift to. Fill the box with gifts. I'm adding decorated holiday cards and mini notebooks I crafted full of positive words. I'll also add a loom charm that represents that person and a bracelet. I make most of my holiday gifts.

Monthly Horoscope

Aries-Adventure is calling! New ideas and new people are just beyond the horizon. And by the end of this month, you’ll gain the courage and energy to explore!

Taurus-Connections with other people will be strong this month all around. However, early in the month there will likely be communication issues with other people.

Gemini-Much of the energy this month will be in a deeper part of your live. In the beginning, there may be delays in a part of life which others wouldn’t see. However, you should expect new, harmonious connections which would be practical at the same time.

Cancer-Emotion will be intense. It’ll especially be intense when it comes to thinking and other people. Try not to take to much action this month. Imagine new adventures instead.

Leo-There may be a tendency to go with the heart rather than the head, especially when it comes to adventure.

Virgo-In the beginning of the month, hidden thoughts will be active. Make sure you think before saying something or posting on social media. Be careful in relations with other people as there may be roughness. Late in this month, you’ll likely want more adventure.

Libra-Prepare for intense and deep thoughts and feelings. New ideas which will likely be social media related may form. Take advantage of this month’s strong thoughts and use them for practical use.

Scorpio-The mind should be active with new, creative ideas, but it would be better to reflect on previous ideas in the earlier part of the month. Luckily, people will likely be attracted to you. Feelings towards other people should be very strong this month.  

Sagittarius-Imagination and thought should be intense. There may be new, creative ideas you’ll be passionate about

Capricorn-Your life in terms of other people should become clearer and more intense. Just make sure to focus on yourself while acknowledging truths when it comes to relationships.

Aquarius-This month will be a good time to join new social groups and be well involved in them.

Pisces-This month will be a good time to reevaluate your thoughts. There should be deep emotion and strong passion. Luckily, some of that passion will be beneficial when it comes to taking action.

Featured Badge

I'd imagine that this badge would be the quest reward.



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