February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

Yes, I'm still posting horoscopes here because I love astrology.

Aries-This month should begin with powerful energy in the self which should be amazing. However, by the middle of the month things may move a bit slower. There will also be a desire to gain money.

Taurus-This month will be a more grounded one for the most part, but this should bring you well. There may be new goals, ambitions and maybe even a new position. And when dealing with authority, things should go well. This month should also be full of courage and eventual knowledge.

Gemini-This month could include wonderful, creative ideas. There should be a lot of involvement earlier in the month whether in a group of friends or helping people. Eventually, there will be more focus on the intuition and fantasy thoughts. 

Cancer-When it comes to love, this month should be a harmonious and well balanced one. There should be a powerful new beginning when it comes to research and deep thinking. This month (especially the earlier part) should be good for research. Later, you may experience more imagination and fantasies. But at the same time, knowledge will likely come to you. 

Leo-This month, there may be a new one on one connection with someone, or at least something new in that area. And especially in that part of the month there should be a strong, quick desire to meet new people and explore new places in general. This should be successful as well. 

Virgo-This month should be a successful one when it comes to love. The earlier part will be a strong one as there should be a new beginning which will especially be evident in work or school. Dedication may be in one of those areas as well. Eventually, life in work or school may focus more on the other people there. The later half of this month should come at an easier pace than the earlier half, but it should be very, very powerful. 

Libra-This month may not be the most harmonious. Things may be on the more cautious side. But the earlier part of this month is a great time for trying new things.

Scorpio-The earlier part of this month should have a heavy focus on the home life. Not only it should feel fresh and harmonious, there should also be a lot of learning in there as well. Eventually, the month will have a heavy focus on intuition. And there may eventually be aggression when it comes to interacting with other people, specifically one on one. So be careful with that. 

Sagittarius-This month will mainly be active in the earlier part. There may continue to be tension and impatience. While there will be courage, you may want to calm down.

Capricorn-This month will be a pretty active one. First of all, others may be attracted to you this month. There may be new ways to earn money and general stability earlier in the month. The work life (especially if it involves teaching or writing) should go well. Eventually, the anger and fierceness should subside. You may learn a lot late in the month.

Aquarius-This month should begin with a feeling of a breath of fresh air and starting anew. You should be getting amazing new ideas and speaking your mind.

Pisces-Imagination should be heightened early in the month. The earlier part will be more about quiet, peaceful thinking, but new ideas will eventually reach the surface. Eventually, other people and connections with them will start becoming evident.

Fun Fact: I used to get this Disney Fairies magazine in 2008. There was a horoscope section where each zodiac element was assigned to a talent:
Fire signs-Light
Earth signs-Garden
Water signs-Water (duh)
Air signs-Animal

And they actually make sense!!!!!!!


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